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Agriculture is one of the main energy consuming sectors and also one of the most affected sectors by the effects of climate change. Understanding the nexus between energy and food is essential to develop climate-smart solutions in the agricultural sector.

In India, the availability of irrigation water is dependent on monsoon patterns or the availability of power to operate ground water pumps. Many villages lack access to electricity. Many villages do not get electricity 24 x 7. Given this lack of electricity, diesel pumps are often the most reliable means to pump the water that is used for irrigation. The use of diesel fuel has many drawbacks, including environmental pollution, as well as ever-increasing costs which have a negative impact on farmers’ economic prosperity and growth.


The Product: Sahaj Solar Mobile Trolley (3000 V / 5000 V)

With the purpose of avoiding these obstacles to farmer’s economic prosperity and growth, Sahaj Solar Ltd. has come up with Sahaj Solar Mobile Trolley.

The product is specially designed for the farmers to irrigate their farmlands. It is integrated with solar panels, pump controller and a surface or submersible pump on a 4 wheeled trolley which can be pulled with the help of a tractor or manually. The product can be used by small and marginal farmers on sharing basis. The product comes in 3000watt with 3hp pump and 5000watt with 5hp pump variants.

Mobile Solar Trolley

  • Can be used as a replacement for diesel generator for canal, river and other form of irrigation.
  • Take it anywhere anytime
  • No installation needed
  • 100% solar powered
  • Unique and innovative design
  • Lockable coverings prevent theft
  • Operated manually &with hydraulic system
  • Can also be used for drinking water, irrigation water and other pumping requirement.
  • It is estimated that the 24 months diesel cost can recover the cost of the system
  • Can be used for Agriculture chaff cutter & thresher as well.
  • MobileTrolley-03
    Solar Mobile Trolley Unit for Power Generation
    No Item with Decription Unit 3.0Kw 5.0Kw
    1 Mobile Solar Trolley set 1 1
    2 Solar panels- Mono Crystaline-320 Watt Approximate Size 1.60 square meterApprox weight-19 KG No 10 16
    3 DC Solar Pump 3/5hp with Controller No 1 1
    4 HDPE Pipe Meter 50 70
    5 Pump Cables Meter 55 75
    6 Cable & Accessories set 1 1
    Type of Operation Manual Hydraulic


  • Chaff Cutter
  • Milk Separator
  • Battery Charging
  • Air Blower
  • Atta Chakki